This American Tradition Will Not Be Stopped By Angry Protesters

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Many American traditions have been canceled due to COVID-19, others have been called downright racist in light of recent protests. But there is still one tradition that neither the virus nor political correctness can stop. That is the Nathen’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. However, one of America’s biggest 4th of July traditions will get some major changes.

According to TMZ Sports, the event is set to take place at a private location without live fans in 2020 as well as only 1/3 of the competitors to ensure social distancing.

In recent years the hot dog eating contest would draw thousands of fans to Surf and Stillwell Avenues on Coney Island but given the global pandemic, but this year it will all be behind closed doors.

Sources say all staffers will be wearing masks and gloves, and all competitors will be tested for COVID-19 prior to the contest. The location will also be thoroughly sanitized to ensure the safety of everyone present.

In preparation for the annual event, 12-time Joey Chestnut says that he has been preparing for the event whether it was happening or not, so he’ll definitely be ready to attempt to break his record of 74 franks in just 10 minutes.

Major League Eating, the organization behind the event, has announced that they and the eaters will be making donations to local food banks and will honor essential workers in NYC for their service.

You can still watch the whole event live on ESPN, a tradition since 2004.

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