Why This Mom Threw A “Satanic” Birthday Party For Her Daughter Is Absolutely…

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A mom on TikTok was criticized for theming her daughter’s first birthday party with alleged Satanic decor, complete with pentagrams and black balloons.

In a video that went viral, Janeth Zapata from Mexico, who posts on TikTok under the username @JanethZapata31, showed off the special celebration she put together to honor her daughter Lilith Alexa‘s first birthday.

While most little girls’ first birthday parties are inundated with pops of pink, Zapata decided to take a darker route, dressing her daughter in an all-black romper with a lace headscarf.

She decorated the party for little Lilith — who shares her moniker with the Satanic goddess and she-demon of the same name — with a cake topped with a pentagram, black balloons, and a piñata resembling the goat-headed deity Baphomet.

Some have noted that Lilith shares her name with a demonic woman in Judaism. She’s also described as Adam’s first wife, with the relationship going sour after she asserted her equality with her husband.

Zapata is insisting that the party wasn’t Satan-themed, “1. We’re not Satanists. 2. There were guests. 3. The party didn’t have anything Satanic. 4. The piñata isn’t Satan, nor the Devil, it’s Baphomet. 5. The pentagram isn’t inverted because it’s not Satanic.”

The Satanic Birthday Party has divided the internet, people are having many views about the same. The video has sparked debate on TikTok and some users accused the mom of being an attention seeker and called out the party ridiculous, while others left supportive comments under the video.

The video of the Satanic birthday party that went viral was captioned “Rumors say I had the best outfit for my first birthday,” and Adele’s song ‘Rumors’ associated with it. The video has over 2.3 million views.

Lilith poses with a Satanic star used for sacrifices and a piñata resembling Baphomet. Her mother also shared the picture of the birthday invite where it describes Lilith as, “Cute as hell.”

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