Why She Got Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Picture Tattooed On Her Face Is…

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A woman shocked her social media followers when she said that she got a tattoo of her ex-face partner on her face, after being “cheated”.

Narally Najm (@narallynajm13) went on TikTok to talk about her personal love life after a dramatic turn of events led her to find out that her ex-boyfriend Laura had been cheating on her.

In a clip that was shared on the video-sharing site, Najm said that all she had ever wanted was to be “happy” with her small family. But those plans fell through when she found “receipts” that were supposed to show that Laura had been cheating on her even as she was giving birth to their son, King.

One video shows the three family members huddled together in front of a mirror, with a caption explaining: “Thinking we were the perfect family. Just gave her a son a week ago, we bought a home and everything seemed so real… Just to find out she been cheating… Even while I was in labor.”

TikTokers rallied around Najm in the wake of the revelation, with one telling her she deserve better, but Najm surprised viewers with her response to the situation.

Obviously, there’s no correct way to deal with being cheated on, but Najm‘s response is definitely on the more unusual end of the spectrum as she revealed herself getting Laura’s face and name tattooed on her own cheek.

Showing off the tattoo on TikTok, Najm wrote: “When everyone jealous of me because I have DADDY’S face tatted on me even though DADDY cheats.”

The TikToker didn’t stop with one tattoo, and later revealed a second tattoo on her neck, alongside the caption: “Daddy DADDY DADDY! [I don’t care] WE NOT TOGETHER AND THIS IS WHAT I WANT.”

Many of her 280,000 followers were shocked by her decision, which came as a surprise to them. People wrote a lot of comments, and many of them asked how Najm was feeling when she made this choice.

“We are watching someone’s biggest future regret…” wrote one user.

“Whatever kind of love this is…I don’t EVER want to experience it,” added another.

One tattoo artist wrote, “As a tattoo artist I would refuse service for this piece.”

Even though her choice was criticized, Najm seems happy with it because she has uploaded 15 more videos showing her new tattoo and three more additions, all of which are dedicated to Laura. She had a picture of her ex-face partner and the name “Laura” carved into the skin of her neck and right arm. Both of these tattoos would always remind them of how they felt about each other.

Since we live in the age of social media, it’s possible that all of this is just a way to get more people to follow them. In any case, let’s cross our fingers and hope she doesn’t change her mind about any of those tattoos because getting them removed with a laser is going to be a very expensive thing to do.

Watch the video report below for more details:


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