ALERT: Subway Just Issued A Warning About A Dangerous New Menu Item….

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An alleged issue with Subway’s newest sandwiches is leaving a bad taste in some of its franchisees’ mouths.

Many people visit a Subway restaurant to get their hands on a famous footlong sandwich. But now, the North American Association of Subway Franchisees (NAASF) pegs the restaurant’s new sandwich melts as a hazard to the people who make them and the equipment that’s used.

The NAASF states that it “cannot endorse” the new items. The Fresh Melts come in three different ways: Ham, Steak, and Tuna.

The note also mentions that operators said the melts ruined the ovens. The sandwiches are alleged to be more cumbersome to make than other food items on the menu and aren’t the easiest to customize.

The sandwich melts all come with three times the cheese and are served fresh and toasty. Despite how good it sounds, the wellness of the staff who make the sandwiches, taking them out of the ovens by hand is a concern. Within Restaurant Business, the NAASF gave a warning notice to the franchisees.

“We are hopeful that [Subway’s Franchise World Headquarters] will confront these issues immediately and allow us the opportunity to stand with them and endorse this promotion,” the notice was quoted as saying. “In the meantime, weigh out the above concerns and stand strong with the decision you make as a franchisee investor.”

So, are the Fresh Melts out? That we don’t know for sure. When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Subway told Restaurant Business: 

“The safety of our franchisees and their restaurant employees is a top priority for us. In addition to providing extensive training materials, a standard protocol is to thoroughly test all new products and innovations and make operational and equipment adjustments as needed, ensuring that our franchisees and hard-working sandwich artists are able to safely and consistently execute a quality meal that guests expect.” 

But one of the biggest stumbling blocks appears to be that the NAASF feels like their pleas weren’t being heard by the bigwigs at Subway.

“The majority of the significant issues to this point have either been ignored or met with ‘we are working on it’ as responses,” the notice purportedly states.

Apparently, some problems can’t be solved with tons of melted cheese. Who knew?

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