Former Donald Trump Ally Blasts Him In Obscene Online Video

For years now, Donald Trump could depend on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as one of his guys. Jones, who has spent much of his career railing against just about any politician that wasn’t Ron Paul, suddenly jumped on the Trump Train, much to the surprise of many even within his own Infowars network.

Now, however, as Trump remains somewhat out of the public eye, Jones appears to have changed his tune.

“It’s the truth, and I’m just going to say it: that I wish I never would have f—ing met Trump,” Jones says in the video, which was taken in January 2019. “I wish it never would have happened. And it’s not the attacks I’ve been through. I’m so sick of f—ing Donald Trump, man. God, I’m f—ing sick of him. And I’m not doing this because, like, I’m kissing his f—ing ass, you know. It’s, like, I’m sick of it.”

The video of Jones was taken by filmmaker Caolan Robertson, who shot a documentary with Jones in Austin, Texas, and leaked it to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) Hatewatch initiative, which tracks extremist groups.

Video of the remarks soon made its way all over Twitter.

Jones has become a highly controversial figure in recent years, as he continues to promote any number of wild conspiracy theories, about Trump or otherwise.

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