Why Are Bernie Sanders And Joe Biden Suddenly Canceling All Their Rallies?

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Folks, we are now in the real thick of the 2020 election, and it’s a hairy one.

In the left corner, we appear to have former Vice President Joe Biden representing the Democrats in November. This is happening despite the desperate pleas from the liberal voter base to choose radical Vermonter Vernie Sanders instead.

As of right now, it may seem as though Biden’s nomination is inevitable. However, Sanders may not go down without a fight making things difficult for Biden down the stretch by refusing to concede and pushing for a brokered convention.

Well, that’s only if he can continue to campaign at all. This could all come to a grinding halt due to coronavirus concerns.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden’s presidential campaigns canceled rallies set for Cleveland on Tuesday night due to coronavirus concerns, the first disruptions the outbreak has caused in the 2020 Democratic primary.

In separate announcements, the Democratic presidential contenders’ campaigns said they exercised caution about holding large public gatherings after hearing guidance from public health officials. Both the Sanders and Biden campaigns thanked supporters who planned to attend the events on a crucial day in the race to decide who faces President Donald Trump in November.

In a statement, Sanders communications director Mike Casca said the Vermont senator’s campaign will evaluate future events “on a case by case basis.”

And then we have President Donal Trump who stands in stark contrast to his challengers.

The incumbent Republican President has said that he will continue to campaign on the road with no fear at all about possible exposure to the possibly deadly illness. His motivation to bolster his chances of reelection is admirable.

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