New York Makes It Own Sanitizer To Combat Cost Gauging But Where It’s Made Will Make You Cringe

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You may have noticed the bare shelves in grocery stores where necessities like toilet paper and hand soap are supposed to be. Many people have been flocking to stores to stock up on these items in fear of contracting the dreaded coronavirus.

One of the top sellers that everyone seems to be out of is hand sanitizer. This shortage has led many suppliers who have do have it to jack up the prices. This is your basic law of supply and demand.

So New York State has come up with a way to combat this hysteria, they have begun producing their own sanitizer.

According to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, this sanitizer is superior to others on the market because it contains 75% alcohol. Cuomo said in a press conference, “We are introducing New York State clean hand sanitizer, made conveniently by the state of New York.”

Cuomo threatened, “To Purell, and Mr. Amazon and Mr. eBay, if you continue the price gouging, we will introduce our product, which is superior to your product. And you don’t even have the floral bouquet, so stop price gouging.”

But there is a catch to where this sanitizer is being manufactured. Its made inside of a prison.

According to Breitbart,

Corcraft Products, operated by New York’s Department of Correctional Services, Division of Industries, is manufacturing the product and expects to pump out 100,000 gallons weekly.

The supplier’s mission, according to its website, is to “employ inmates in substantive jobs that help teach a good work ethic and valuable work skills, to help offset the cost of incarceration, to help reduce disruption in the prison environment and to meet expectations of New York State’s citizens.”

Cuomo also announced 37 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus in New York, sending the state’s total to 142.

On Saturday, Cuomo announced a state of emergency, allowing “expedited purchasing and expedited hiring” to combat the illness.

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