New Documents Expose Weinstein’s Hit List Of Hollywood Celebrities And It Is Shocking

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Rapist and former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was just sentenced to 23 years in prison after being found guilty. God willing, he will live out the rest of his miserable life in there.

Now that the trial is over the details about his personal life that are coming out are unbelievable.

Weinstein supposedly had a “red flag list” of celebrities. The significance of the list had to do with people who he suspected might be talking to the press about his sexual conduct with women.

One outlet reports, “Roughly 70 names are on the list, including [Ben] Affleck and [Annabella] Sciorra, in addition to accusers Rose McGowan, Zelda Perkins, Lysette Anthony and Rowena Chiu. Also on the list are former Weinstein Company exec Irwin Reiter; Weinstein’s former assistant and “Russian Doll” creator Leslye Headland; and producers Megan Ellison, Donna Gigliotti, Jason Blum and Jennifer Todd.”

But one name that stood out more than the rest was Hollywood superstar, Jennifer Aniston.

He wrote in an email dated October 31, 2017, that “Jen Aniston should be killed.” That is incredibly appalling.

The email is just one small part of a 1,000-page collection of documents that were unsealed in Weinstein’s criminal case. The documents also reveal Weinstein’s desperate pleas for help following the bombshell reports that triggered his downfall and sparked the #MeToo movement. The trove of documents includes tons of emails showcasing Weinstein’s high profile contact list, including messages between him and power agents at CAA and WME, network executives from NBCUniversal as well as billionaire leaders and politicians, including Michael Bloomberg and Jeff Bezos.

Thanks to the American justice system, Weinstein is going away for the remainder of his life, which probably won’t be much longer given his poor health. Given his connections and high-profile he will probably be given a nice comfy cell where he can die in peace which is much more than he deserves.


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