Whitlock: Dems Contributing to Problems in Black Communities

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Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports 1 was being interviewed by Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report this week and during one part of the interview Whitlock went into some detail about his thoughts on Black Lives Matter, gun control, and a few other related topics.

Rubin asked if Democrat policies contribute to problems in black communities, and Whitlock said yes, reasoning that mass incarceration is “crippling black people.”

“I think that, yes I do prescribe to that,” Whitlock replied. “This far left progressive ideology, I think, is a shell game, it’s a trick, it’s a mirage. We tell you we are for black people. I wrote in the Wall Street Journal this week about [how] President Clinton was an expert at making black people think he felt their pain.”

“And he was an expert at creating policies that intensified that pain. President Clinton loved us to death, but instituted some mandatory minimum sentencing policies, some drug war policies that contributed greatly to mass incarceration, which is crippling black people.”


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