BREAKING! Leesburg man charged with giving top-secret documents to Chinese agent

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60-year-old Kevin Mallory has been charged with sharing top-secret documents with a Chinese agent and was arrested today.

The Department of Justice stated that Mallory is a self-employed consultant with GlobalEx and court records show that he’s an Army veteran and former special agent for the Diplomatic Security Service.

Mallory speaks fluent Mandarin and obtained top-secret security clearance but that was terminated when he left the job in October of 2012.

After reviewing Mallory’s communication with the Chinese agent, federal officials said they found that Mallory had transmitted a top-secret document and two secret documents.

Mallory was charged with gathering or delivering defense information to aid a foreign government, and making material false statements.

A release from the Department of Justice said Mallory could face life in prison if convicted, but prosecutor John Gibbs said at the hearing that he could ask for the death penalty if certain conditions are met.


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