What They Did On This Movie Set Was So Scary Even The Cameraman Fainted!

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Rapper-turned-showrunner 50 Cent is making one of the scariest horror films in the history of popcorn munching.

It has to be because People on the set are even losing it as they film it.

But are they 100 percent sure it wasn’t COVID? lol

Assuming the cameraman actually passed out from fear or gore, what the heck is in this movie that would cause that type of visceral reaction from someone who can clearly see it’s “fake?”

That’s pretty disturbing, if true.

In fact, according to TMZ, “the new 5o Cent horror movie called “Skill House,” is so scary and gross, that a cameraman passed out during the filming of a scene.”

The 47-year-old rapper and actor took to his social media platforms to share the story of a digital camera operator on the film apparently passing out whereas taking pictures of a kill scene, which halted manufacturing for a few half hour.

More details of this story from BloodyDisgusting.com:

The movie is being written and directed by Stolberg, Skill House is said to be “a dark satire of social media and influencer culture, exploring how far people will go for online fame.”

The Wrap reports, “Skill House is being described as a Saw-like take that breaks into the phenomenon of social media fame and culture, offers an unflinching depiction of “clout” and explores the new phenomenon of “influencers”, their fame and what they are willing to do to attain it.”

“Just as this film is the first of a new genre of horror, social media personalities like Bryce and Hannah are a new genre of celebrity,” Stolberg said in a statement to TheWrap. “We are breaking creative boundaries and career boundaries here. Hannah has dynamic talent and encompasses everything this project is about – internet fame and the evolution in the entertainment industry. We are thrilled to have her joining our cast.”

Here’s what director Josh Stolberg posted on his Instagram about the cameraman fainting:


But my PR background makes me suspicious that this is just a planned stunt, or that the guy really had a “medical episode” and they made it into good PR for the movie.

TMZ also reported the incident:

If you’re squeamish too, you get why the guy went down — 50 still couldn’t believe it when he shared the gory story on Instagram … and he was just getting it secondhand.

We’re told Fiddy wasn’t on set at the time but several other cast members, including Amira Mertaban, were present — Amira was actually the first person to rush to the cameraman’s side. Medics stepped in, and we’re told the camera guy is fine … he’ll be back on set to finish the film.

Hollywood SFX legend Steve Johnson is credited (or blamed) for creating the gut-wrenching scene. He and Stolberg — who worked on the last 2 ‘Saw’ movies — seem hellbent on pushing the limit on “Skill House.”

Sources: WayneDupree, BloodyDisgusting.com, TMZ

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