She Picked A Dollar Up Off The Ground, Then She Ended Up In The Hospital…

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Renne Parson, a mother from Kentucky, claimed to have overdosed on fentanyl after picking up a dollar bill at McDonald’s and was taken to the hospital on Sunday.

Renee and her husband Justin were on their way to a work conference in Dallas with two of their children when they stopped at McDonald’s. “As I was walking inside, there was a dollar on the floor just hanging out, so I picked it up, not thinking anything of it,” Renee Parsons told WSMV.

Parson said she complained of numbness minutes after picking up the $1 bill which prompted her husband to take her right away to the hospital. She said she could barely talk or breathe before passing out.

Her husband Justin said that Renee hadn’t said anything for a while, then she said, ‘Justin, I am sorry. I love you.’ Then she just quit talking.”

The family drove to St. Thomas Ascension Hospital. Paperwork there showed Renee Parsons had an accidental drug overdose. The couple thinks fentanyl was added to the dollar she picked up. Her husband claimed that after his wife touched his arm, he even experienced symptoms.

“What I do know is how I felt, what happened. It can’t be made up,” Renee said.

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Dr. Rebecca Donald, a fentanyl specialist said that Fentanyl is unlikely to be ingested at dangerous levels through skin-to-skin contact. She would probably have the reaction if she accidentally licked her fingers, touched her eyes, or accidentally exposed part of the blood vessels in her nose to the medicine.

Donald said someone’s medical history and medications they are taking may also contribute to symptoms. She said fentanyl contaminating anything is a safety threat and could be life-threatening.

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