Video Shows Bullying Incident Two Days Before 8yo Commits Suicide

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Gabriel Taye tragically took his own life and it’s now believed due to bullying.

A coroner in Ohio has reopened the investigation into the death of Gabriel Taye, the 8 year old boy who killed himself, after the release of security-camera footage showing him being beaten up at school two days before he took his own life.

Cinciannti Public Schools released the video today that shows Taye on the restroom floor, not moving, for six minutes as more than a dozen students walked by him, some kicking him, and others poking him until an assistant principal came to his aid.

The footage was ONLY released after the Cincinnati Enquirer learned of it’s existence and requested it.

Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco, the Hamilton County, Ohio, coroner, said “We will review all the new info including the video when it’s provided.” She said she doubts she would change the manner of Gabriel’s death but might add other contributing factors to the case file.

“In an effort to be completely transparent, we are releasing the video that was reviewed as part of an investigation by the Cincinnati Police Department,” the statement said. “We have uploaded the video, in its entirety, blurring out faces of the students who appear to protect their privacy. We ask that you review the video, in its entirety. It is our firm position that the allegations portrayed in the media are not supported by the video.”


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