Death Row Inmate In Georgia Requests Firing Squad

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J.W. Ledford Jr. has requested his execution be carried out by a firing squad. Ledford’s layers argue that the lethal injection drug, which is currently what will be used for the event, will cause him “unconstitutional suffering” and that “execution by firing squad is the only appropriate alternative”.

Ledford and his layers state that due to his chronic nerve pain being treated with a drug called “gabapentin” for more than a decide, experts have cited that pentobarbital cannot be relied upon to make him unconscious and insensate due to the gabapentin alternating his brain activity. Given this, they state that there’s a “substantial risk” that he’ll experience great pain as the drug attacks his respiratory system.

J.W. Ledford Jr. is set to be put to death Tuesday by injection of the barbiturate pentobarbital. The 45-year-old was convicted of murder in the January 1992 stabbing death of his neighbor, Dr. Harry Johnston.

Ledford is scheduled for execution at 7 p.m. on May 16 at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification in Jackson, Ga.


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