CRAZY! Sinkhole Nearly Swallows A Truck!

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“Complimenting” all the road issues happening in Atlanta and not to be outdone, The Fairy City of San Francisco may be coming upon some trouble themselves.

A flatbed truck carrying cement and pulling a trailer with two bulldozers was nearly swallowed by a sinkhole in San Francisco yesterday morning.

The driver, Alejandro Curiel, simply parked next to the curb near the Market district when it suddenly began sinking into the ground.

Curiel was unhurt in the incident, but had to climb up and out of the driver side door to escape, after the truck got pinned up against a tree on the passenger side at a 45-degree angle.

Betsy Rhode, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission spokeswoman, says the five-foot by 15-foot hole has stabilized, and may have been caused by a sewer main.


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