UNGRATEFUL Cortez Getting Lash Back From Fellow Dems

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has created a rift between herself and fellow Democrats by refusing to pay her dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The total amount owed to be a part of this exclusive, expensive club is $250,000.

According to records obtained by Fox News, AOC hasn’t given any money to the DCCC, whose main job is electing Democrats to the House.  Fellow Democrats gripe that she has failed to pay her “dues.”

It is no accident that Ocasio-Cortez has failed to pay her contributions. She says she has beef with the DCCC and will continue to withhold her money in protest of how the Democratic Party will not back insurgent progressive primary candidates, such as herself, in the name of protecting incumbents.

Ocasio-Cortez responded saying, “For me personally, I’m not paying D-trip dues,” citing a “myriad of reasons.”

She said, “One, I don’t agree with the policy around blacklisting groups that help progressive candidates,” referring to a DCCC effort to sideline vendors who assist challengers to members of Congress. “I think we need to evolve as a party and make room for that.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s refusal to pay was explained by Rep. Gregory Meeks, “Sometimes the question comes: ‘Do you want to be in a majority or do you want to be in the minority?’ And do you want to be part of a team?”

“DCCC dues are about supporting others because you want to be part of the team,” Meeks said. “The goal is to be in the majority. And the goal is, when you are on a team I would think, to respect individuals whose districts are different than yours.”

She has been a long-time advocate for unions, and essentially this is a union. But she doesn’t want to pay her dues to the group that helped her get to where she is now. If you ask me that just ungrateful.

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