A Strange Turn In The Biden Child Support Case

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Things haven’t been looking good for Hunter Biden and they seem to be getting worse every day. There’s the hooker he got pregnant, his money-laundering scheme and the matter of his position at Burisma, just to name a few of his problems.

With all of this going on it seems like he is going to be a nobody pretty soon. But still, some crazy things keep going on.

It now seems that the judge on Biden’s child support case has suddenly decided to recuse himself from the case for unknown reasons. Maybe he was threatened and feared for his life or his family’s lives.

According to Townhall,

Early in December McSpadden decided to seal Biden’s financial records, meaning the American people will not know the exact amount of money he made off his father’s political career… at least for now.

Biden has repeatedly said he cannot afford to pay child support because he has been unemployed since May 2019 and has incurred major debt from a divorce with his ex-wife, Kathleen Biden. But it was recently revealed that he purchased a $2.5 million dollar house in Beverly Hills, California in mid-June, although how much he paid for it is currently unknown.

The case took a wild turn when McSpadden suddenly recused himself from the case Tuesday morning, although it is unclear why, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported. During the Tuesday court meeting, Roberts’ attorneys pressed McSpadden to hold Biden in contempt of court for failing to produce his financial documents.

This is a load of garbage and no one is buying it. There is no way he can’t afford to pay the child support because he doesn’t have the money. What happened to the nearly $80,00 he was making per month for a long time? It didn’t just disappear.

The truth of the matter is he is trying to hide his financial records for several reasons. First of all, he simply doesn’t want to pay any more that he has to. Secondly, handing over his financial documents will reveal to the public more of the corruption he has been involved in besides the fact that he had a major role in a money-laundering scheme worth $156 billion.

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