Buffalo Police Walk Off The Job In Solidarity For Their Fellow Officers, The Reason Why Is Sickening

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A video has surfaced showing a large group of police officers from the Buffalo Police Department walking down a sidewalk when they approach an elderly man and forcefully shove him causing him to fall and hit his head on the ground. Blood can immediately be seen coming from the man’s head but the cops just keep on walking past him.

These cops were apart of the Emergency Response Team in Buffalo and since the video has been passed around social media 57 officers have resigned from that force. Not because they felt what happened was wrong but to show solidarity for the cops suspended for shoving the elderly man to the ground. According to WIVB reporter Dave Greber, they are still employed with the police department, they are just no longer on the ERT.

The man who was shoved it 75-year-old Martin Gugino. The video shows cops in heavy gear moving along the sidewalk and shoving Gugino even though he was not being physically confrontational. A representative for the Buffalo Police Department told a local reporter that the man was injured when he “tripped and fell,” but the video shows the truth.

Gigino is seen bleeding and lying motionless as no one stops to offer some help. He is now in serious condition but is stable.

Commissioner of the Buffalo Police took swift action announcing the two officers directly involved were suspended without pay. The Mayor of Buffalo even commented on the incident saying that he was deeply disturbed.

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