Tucker Carlson vs Ivy League Safe-Spaces

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So Columbia U. decided to create two rooms specifically for “safe spaces” on campus. You know… the sorta place where crybabies can go to spare their feelings from the reality of the world.

Sean Ryan, the co-chair for the Student Affairs Committee at Columbia University, joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News on Friday to defend the policy. Luckily for us Tucker Carlson wasn’t having any of that!

“This decision came at a time when we’ve been having a lot of issues around suicide and mental health and isolationism,” Ryan said. “So, we ended up deciding on dedicating one space to LGBT students and the other to the students of color, and this was a data-driven decision. Sixty-three percent of students who have died by suicide at Columbia since the year 2000 are students of color. Two LGBT students, openly LGBT students, have died by suicide at Columbia in the past three years. And, you know, what these spaces will do will provide support for those groups to fight the isolationism, you know, that’s been happening …”

“Ok, well I’m for empathy and I’m certainly against people harming themselves,” Carlson responded. “But the underlying assumption of what you just said is that being around people who are different is traumatic and that, of course, was the justification for segregation, so it’s a little surprising.”


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