Police Officer Catches Girl Stealing Shoes

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He’s an example we all need! An Atlanta police officer caught a 12 year old girl stealing shoes for one of her younger sisters from a Family Dollar in her area. After speaking with the girl, Officer Che Milton took her home and was curious about her living situation.

There he discovered 4 other children and the condition of the home. He walked into the house and saw that there were not enough beds for all of the children and a very old sofa was the only other piece of furniture in the house. His heart began to break.

The children’s mother told Milton that she did not work because she could not afford day care for the smaller children. She said her husband works in and out of town but does not make much money.

Milton immediately bought the family some food and paid for the shoes the girl was stealing. The Atlanta Police Department said Milton’s actions showed that not only does he enforce the law, he goes the extra mile to be a bigger part of the community that he is policing.

Milton says he is overwhelmed by the amount of support he’s received since the story got out. Hundreds of people have shared his story and have asked to help the family.

“Thank you everyone,” Milton said. “I really, really appreciate all the kind words. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you all.”


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