Tucker Carlson on MS-13: “They’re MURDERING People!”

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We cover Carlson a lot on here but the dude always makes sense. I’ve yet seen him lose a debate. This time he decided to take on an immigration attorney over what steps should be taken to combat illegal immigrant crime that’s currently being handled by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. An important issue, no doubt.

Patrick Young, the attorney in question, argues that the proper way to fight gangs like MS-13 is to have the immigrant community work with law enforcement. And he believes that won’t happen as long as Sessions and I.C.E. are involved. Which I find puzzling seeing as how immigrant communities are incredibly closed off to the rest of their neighborhoods.

He said if we “stigmatize” all immigrants – legal or illegal – it only makes those communities and all Americans less safe.

Tucker pointed out that 92 percent of MS-13 members are illegal immigrants, so it’s simply false to argue that immigration has nothing to do with the gang.

“I’m not blaming all immigrants,” Tucker said. “I’m merely saying we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place if these people weren’t here. They don’t have a right to be here, they’re here illegally, and in this case – in the case of MS-13 – they’re murdering people!”



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