Trump Had To Be Removed From The Building Because People Kept Punching Him

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Donald Trump was an extremely controversial President, and he may very well get the chance to repeat that performance if the rumors of his 2024 run prove true.

This would, of course, be a nightmare for the Democrats, who had a hard enough time trying to keep him under wraps during the last 4 years. Should he be elected again, there is little doubt that he would be emboldened and unwilling to compromise in the second go-round.

Trump was so vehemently despised by the left that a new phrase was invented to explain how they acted when he was the subject of conversation: Trump Derangement Syndrome.

As it turns out, the ailment isn’t confined to just the actual Donald Trump, but to facsimiles as well.

The owner of Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks in San Antonio, Texas has removed a statue of former President Trump for repair after visitors damaged it by punching it.

The museum’s owner says damage to wax figures, especially politicians can be a problem.

In an emailed statement to FOX 5 NY, Ripley Entertainment said: “When a wax figure has been damaged, we will remove the figure from public display and send it to our talented team of artists for repair.”

The Trump statue is due for repair and there was no timeline given on when that work would be done.

In the meantime, the museum is working on a Joe Biden piece, but there is no word yet as to whether or not it will be posed sniffing some child’s hair.

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