Tables Turn On Harvey Weinstein As He Is Now The One In An Uncomfortable Situation

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As Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial moves forward the jury was given the task to review naked photos of Weinstein as part of the evidence in the trial.

Jurors were reviewing the photos to determine if the extreme allegations brought on by plaintiff Jessica Mann are true in regards to Weinstein’s genitalia. Spectators, however, were not given the opportunity to see the photos.

Showing the jury what Weinstein looks like naked will be an immediate indicator of whether or not Mann has been telling the truth. If it turns out she has been truthful, it is also very likely that the others who have accused him of sexual abuse are also telling the truth.

Mann’s claim against Weinstein was outrageous, to say the least.

“He would talk very dirty to me about fantasies and things, and compare me to the other things actresses that he said were doing kinky, dirty things with him. He always wanted to film me. I never gave him permission.”

“He would say, ‘Do you like my big, fat, Jewish d**k? He has an extreme scarring that I didn’t know, maybe [he] was a burn victim …”

“The first time I saw him fully naked I thought he was deformed and intersex…He does not have testicles, and it appears that he has a vagina.”

It has been reported that when Mann said this, Weinstein lowered his head, perhaps in shame because of what she just said is true or maybe it was a sign of amusement because of just how ridiculous the claim is.

When asked to describe his hygiene, Mann stated:

“It was very bad. He smelled like s— — excuse me, sorry, like poop. He just was dirty.”

“He also peed on me once.”

The allegations may be true based on the reaction of the jury. More than one juror had unfavorable reactions to the photographs.

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