Ridiculous Lawsuit Against Major Pizza Chain Actually Gets Pushed Through By Supreme Court

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Over the past three years, Guillermo Robles has been pushing toward suing Dominos pizza for the most rediulous thing since someone sued McDonalds for making them fat or because they didnt know the coffee would be hot and burned themselves.

Robles is now in the process of suing the pizza giant because its website and mobile app is not accessible to people with disabilities like himself.

According to Fox News,

Guillermo Robles said in the suit filed three years ago in Los Angeles that he had been unable to order a pizza because Domino’s website lacked a reading software he used on other sites, Bloomberg reported.

He argued he was unable to order a pizza without the software he normally used. It worked only when a website’s graphics had “alt-text,” a description of the image that appeared on the screen when a cursor floated over it.

Without it, Robles said he was unable to order a customized pizza or use discounts offered exclusively online. Domino’s argued the law applied to its store but not its website.

The ADA “does not demand full accessibility for each and every means of accessing the goods or services a public accommodation provides to the public,” the company argued in its appeal. What matters was the “combined means of access to those goods or services,” executives said.

The lawsuit began three years ago after Robles was unable to place an online order for a pizza. Couldn’t he just have picked up the phone the old fashioned way and called it in? That’s beside the point.

Instead the man decided that Dominos was doing him wrong and he feels that he is entitled to a ton of money for his “pain and suffering.”

As ridiculous as it is, Robles is doing well with the lawsuit because the U.S. Supreme court just denied an appeal by Dominoes which will push this lawsuit to trial.


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