Trump Gives The Media A Lashing For Their Treatment Of Barrett's Faith

President Trump berated the media for attacking the Catholicism of his Supreme Court Justice pick, saying he thought the matter had been cleared up when John F. Kennedy was elected president.

Trump's comments came during a press briefing where he discussed the media's treatment of Barrett.

“We have noticed some comments in the media about my incredibly qualified nominee, Amy,” said Trump. “The New York Times said her religion is not consistent with American values. She's Catholic. That covers a lot of people. That's a very disgraceful thing to say.”

Trump stated that he thought “we settled this 60 years ago with the election of John F. Kennedy” who became the first Catholic U.S. president in 1960.  at the time the issue evoked major controversy because many Protestants wondered if a Catholic U.S. president would be taking orders from the pope.

“But seriously, they're going after her Catholicism,” Trump added. “ I will stand with her, fight with her, and... it's unprecedented. They're basically fighting a major religion in our country. It's just incredible.”

Criticism of Barrett’s faith came days before Trump nominated her to the Supreme Court. Newsweek cited Margaret Atwood's controversial novel “ The Handmaid's Tale,” “ where women's bodies are governed and treated as the property of the state under a theocratic regime.” 

Refinery29, a far-left website, referred to Barrett as “ the Potential RBG Replacement Who Hates Your Uterus.”

The issue of Barrett's Catholicism began in 2017 during her appeals court confirmation when Senator Dianne Feinstein told the prospective judge that “when you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you.”   

“And that's of concern when you come to big issues that large numbers of people have fought for, for years in this country,” Feinstein added.

Adding to the controversy over Barrett's nomination is the fact that it is occurring during an election year.

“Now Democrats are brazenly attacking Judge Barrott...for her Catholic faith. And whether it's Dianne Feinstein or anyone else, I think they ought to treat religion with much more respect,”  said Trump.

The president predicts that the treatment of Barrett will most likely backfire against Democrats during the election.

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