Top House Democrat Supports Biden's Tax Proposal But Admits He Has No Idea What It Means

On “Your World”  House Majority Whip Clyburn told host Neil Cavuto that he believed America's wealthiest residents should pay their “fair share” and taxes but admitted he had no idea how much money that would entail.

Cavuto asked Clyburn whether he would support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s decision to raise taxes on high earners regardless of the state of the economy if he were to take office next year.

Clyburn answered, "I have no idea what the fair share is. I do know that the experts can make that determination, and they have already determined that the upper 1% is not paying its fair share. We'll have to study all of that."

He added that his staff would determine which “research” and “background”  information would be needed for that particular issue.

"I'm just confused," Cavuto said, "because every time the rich are asked to pay more, we're told it's about paying your fair share. So, their taxes keep going up under these proposals. It's a moving target. I just want to know when we've hit fair share. What would it be?"

Clyburn restated that he had “no idea” and pushed the idea research and studies being done on the issue.

"I do know this. This is a rich country, and we ought not have children going to bed hungry every night,” he said. “When people are throwing away food, we ought to find a way to make sure we feed the hungry, clothe the naked.”

Clyburn added, “That's what our Christian faith tells us to do."

Cavuto cracked that he was looking for any guidance from Jesus about a 39.6% tax rate,which is the top level that Biden wants and said, "I can't find it."

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