Tom Stayer’s Delusional Views On Being President

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We know Tom Stayer as the “outsider taking on Trump.”. The liberal billionaire went from Democratic donor to presidential candidate almost overnight when he joined the race back in October.

Only now it seems that he won’t be going up against Trump or anyone for that matter. On Monday he told an audience that he doesn’t want to be president but added that he wants to “do things as president.” It sounds like he is sending mixed signals and the message he is trying to relay is unclear.

Steyer told the crowd, “I know this is going to sound a little strange, kind of: I don’t want to be president. But I do want to do things as president.” I’m not sure he is getting the concept.

“You know, I am running because I thought — until this week, I was the last person to get in. And I got in because I thought, ‘My God, no one’s going to tell the truth to the American people. And we’re not going to actually deal with the critical issues in front of us, and we have to,’” he continued. “So the two things I can tell you, for sure: one is, if I’m not the Democratic candidate, I will be supporting the Democratic candidate. Full bore. Anyone of those people on that stage is a thousand times better than Mr. Trump or any of the Republicans. Really. I believe that, and I will, there is 100% probability that I will be supporting that person as hard as I can.”

He then droned on about climate change and some other rantings before saying, “I don’t think of myself as a tough person, but I can tell you: I don’t like mean people. They don’t scare me. And I’m very angry about it. There is a playbook here that is cruel to Americans. Intentionally so.”

Steyer is just telling the left what they want to hear and playing to their emotions.


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