They Uninvited Her From The Wedding After Pictures Of Her Dress Got Leaked…

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One young model claims she wasn’t invited from a close friend’s wedding because the bride thought she ‘looked too good’ in her dress – despite choosing the design for her personally.

The woman, whose name is Alena and originally from Heidelberg, Germany, explained that when one of her close friends was getting married, she chose a dress for Alena to wear to her upcoming wedding.

She opted for a blue and brown strapless Albina Dyla dress, but when the bride became nervous that Alena might shine more on her big day in it, she told him she couldn’t come again.

Alena told Insider she was one of six women who would serve as bridesmaids for the December wedding; however, when the bride saw a video of Alena wearing the dress, she apparently became concerned that the model would steal the spotlight on her special day.

“She called me and told me about her insecurities with my dress — that it was too attention-grabbing,” Alena said. “She was very angry about the whole situation and ended up uninviting me after the call. We got into a fight because it made no sense to me since she chose that dress herself.”

There are a lot of unanswered questions in this story, like why the bride didn’t just demand a dress change or demote her friend from bridesmaid to guest. It’s also unclear why Alena’s looks were suddenly a problem, as if the friend went all these years without realizing her good pal was an Ariana Grande look-alike.

According to AWM, Alena decided to share her story on TikTok, and quickly went viral, gaining over five million views and setting off a storm of responses.

“As your friend, she should want you to look beautiful. If she was secure and confident, she wouldn’t feel intimidated at her own wedding. So sad,” one person wrote as a comment.

Another said that this “Really upsets me. Women should empower each other, and we are all beautiful in our own way.”

“I mean, she’s kind of right. You can’t come like that to my wedding and expect me not to run away with you,” another person joked. “Like, at that point, I’m marrying you.”

“I can’t imagine uninviting a friend just because she looks gorgeous in a dress! She could have asked you to pick another dress. She did you dirty. Her loss.”

“You should cut the bride off, honestly. She clearly isn’t a real friend. I wouldn’t doubt if she’s been a jealous, undercover hater for a while now.”

People on Facebook were also outraged by the bride’s actions, and many of them called her “crazy,” while others said she was “jealous” and “selfish.” Some people even said that the bride was just “being a Bridezilla.”

“That is so rude! You should wear that to the wedding. It looks awesome. She must be insecure about something for her to act like that. I would never do that to my friend!!” one Facebook user wrote.

“That is so rude! If she didn’t want you to wear that particular dress, she should have said something beforehand and not waited until the last minute when it was too late for you to find another dress. You are beautiful just the way you are!” another user chimed in.

The model stated that all the bridesmaids were asked to wear the same dress. Alena was left curious as to why she was the only one who was flagged for her outfit.

Alena has mentioned that her friendship with the bride is in rough waters. The fact that the former made a TikTok regarding her friend, which has now gone viral, did not help matters either.

Sources: AWM, Insider

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