‘The View’ Host Exposed for Doing Blackface

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Images have resurfaced of Joy Behar dressed in blackface portraying a “beautiful African woman.” The image was originally aired on “The View” back in 2016 and has been brought back into the light by TheWrap media editor Jon Levine amongst a series of other blackface scandals popping up in the media.

Behar sat stone-cold quiet and refused to address the photo in the first episode to air after the uproar the image made on social media. ABC also declined to comment on the situation.

In the original clip, Joy Behar explains that the picture was taken at a Halloween party and wore makeup “that was a little bit darker than my skin.”

Surprisingly, the 2016 episode did not spark outrage even though similar images have derailed careers. NBC cut ties with Megyn Kelly last year just for talking about blackface. In 2013, actress Julianne Hough was slammed for dressing up as a black character from the Netflix original series “Orange Is the New Black.” Soccer star Andres Iniesta even apologized for taking a photo with two fans in blackface. Just last week, Virginia’s Democratic Governor Ralph Northam offered an apology after a photograph emerged that featured a man in blackface. The Governor was not in the picture but admitted to wearing blackface while dressed as Michael Jackson for a costume contest. Even Florida’s Secretary of State resigned last month after old blackface photos surfaced.

The audacity of this woman for defending this photo on national television and not apologizing for it. Democrats have a double standard on what is and isn’t acceptable. They are trying to normalize something to protect one of their own.



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