Socialist Protesters Heckle Melania While She Cuddles Babies

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First Lady Melania Trump was visiting a hospital in Boston to talk about a program where volunteers can cuddle newborn babies addicted to drugs. She was disrupted by leftist protesters outside of the hospital.

Hundreds of protesters claiming to be doctors, nurses and other health care workers showed up to Boston Medical Center where the First Lady was meeting with staff and observing the baby cuddling program. They carried signs opposing the program as well as President Trump’s immigration stance and policies.

The cuddling program has met with remarkable success, helping babies born addicted to drugs better handle the process of withdrawal. The First Lady has made programs like these at the Boston Medical Center the hallmark of her child health platform. She spends a lot of time visiting children living with complicated or terminal illnesses.

The mob seemed to be organized by “”, a group of known socialists that have protested Republican presidencies for decades. This was by far the largest group of protesters Melania has faced as First Lady but definitely not her first.

Protesters objected to Melania’s mere presence at the hospital. “She’s married to Donald Trump, and he is such a symbol of so much of what we stand against,” as if that justified them being there.

The hospital sided with the First Lady. Boston Medical Center’s CEO, Kate Walsh was proud to keep her appointment with Melania. She wanted to use this opportunity to show the public first hand how well Medicaid dollars are being used.

Melania was not put off by these protesters. Her press secretary later told media, “Mrs. Trump enjoyed visiting Boston Medical Center to meet with the center’s leadership and medical staff and learn about the impressive programs available that support and provide care to mothers struggling with drug addiction and babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome.”




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