The Democrats Have Cut Their Own Throat This Week According To Chris Christie

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There is big trouble brewing for the Democrats, especially since Bernie Sanders took home a powerful win in the Nevada caucuses over the weekend.

Many within the liberal organization’s ranks don’t believe that Sanders stands a snowball’s chance against incumbent Republican President Donald Trump. Many Americans simply won’t take the risk on the Vermont Senator’s penchant for democratic socialism which is in stark contrast to the heavy capitalism of the Commander in Chief.

Here is the tricky part, if the Democrats choose to take the nomination away from Bernie for the sake of trying to beat Trump, they’ll lose his fervent supporter base and likely lose to the President as well.

Chris Christie, former New Jersy Governor, summed it all up over the weekend.

From an appearance on ABC on Sunday:

“Well, you saw both Warren off of her debate performance in Nevada, and Klobuchar in New Hampshire, raise significant amounts of money online. And as long as they have that money, they’re not going to get out.

“I think the other thing is the only dream for Republicans that is more than Bernie Sanders marching to this nomination is him not, and then them going to that convention and going to the second ballot and superdelegates — if they ever throw this to Biden or someone else on the second ballot, this will be a destroyed Democratic Party, and the only thing better than running against a Sanders-dominated party for Republicans is to have somebody else there with a completely divided Democratic Party.”

In what appears an attempt to get Sanders nominated it appears that both he and Donald Trump are being targeted for support by the Russian government. The progressive politico would make Trump’s reelection all that much easier.

As of right now, Sanders is the out-and-frontrunner in the race. That greatly complicates the situation for the Democrats.

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