Liberals Are Now Blaming Cold Showers On Young People Dropping Dead

Can a cold shower trigger a stroke or heart attack? Well, this is a very interesting and important question.

Experts have discovered that taking cold showers could cause young, healthy adults to suffer heart attacks and drop dead.

The alarming discovery doesn’t take into account the vaccination status of these individuals.

If you did a google search just a few weeks ago of the benefits of taking cold showers, you would find numerous studies showing how healthy they are.

Cold showers and ice baths have traditionally been used by athletes to recover from tough workouts.

There are also huge numbers of studies that show cold water helps your immune system.

Here's what our friends from 'The Gateway Pundit' reported about this cold shower causing death, some excerpts of this piece were taken from its original source "EAT THE DAMN SALAD."

The reason I bring this up is if you google “cold shower” today, you are going to find that cold showers could be the cause of the rise in heart attacks in the youth. Interesting, as I’m sure our media will soon be jumping all over this and investigating cold showers as the main cause of all the heart problems. We may even see the leading health experts interviewed and warning us not to partake in this deadly habit! I’ll make the popcorn as I know this will be interesting.

For me, I will continue this daily habit as I know the benefits are incredible for my health.

Some health experts warned that sudden exposure to cold water could be fatal, particularly for those who already have heart conditions, claiming that it can lead to a heart attack or heart rhythm irregularities.

Here's what 'Times of India' reported:

Cold water can shock the body, causing blood vessels in the skin to contract. This can slow the blood flow in your body. To compensate for this, your heart will start beating faster to be able to pump blood around the body. This can also increase the pressure on your blood vessels.

Even if someone is healthy, fit or young, cold water can trigger a heart attack by causing vasoconstriction (tightening of muscles around your blood vessels). Research has found that this usually happens in the hot weather, when people are more eager to immediately step into a cold water shower.

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