Loudmouth Liberal Rob Reiner Just Got Roasted For Opening His Petulant Piehole

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Far-left actor and filmmaker Rob Reiner made a wild claim about Joe Biden’s presidency to be the best in almost 6 decades.

However, the so-called Democrats’ soldier in the film industry received a huge amount backlash and was being ridiculed by folks online.

Of course, as a far-left loyalist, no matter how bad things get under Biden, Reiner is happy and wants everyone to know it. He also may be the most high-profile victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome in the world.

America on Biden’s watch is going to hell, literally, people are living in hell – but that’s not going to stop Reiner from singing Joe’s praises.

In fact, to prove the level of his stupidity is beyond measure, he recently tweeted about how great Biden is and he was ripped in the comment section.

Here’s what Breitbart News reported about this foolish claim from a far-left loyalist:

Rob Reiner has made many wild and unsubstantiated claims on Twitter. On Friday, he managed to top himself by declaring that Joe Biden is the best president in nearly 60 years.

The result has been widespread ridicule, with the term “Meathead” trending on Twitter late Friday. (“Meathead” refers to the dim-witted character Reiner played on the sitcom All in the Family).

Reiner, who was one of Biden’s biggest Hollywood fundraisers during the 2020 election, trumpeted his opinion while acknowledging that it goes against the prevailing popular sentiment. As Breitbart News reported, a recent Yahoo News/YouGov survey found that just one in five Americans want Biden to run for reelection in 2024.

“Screw politics. Screw poll numbers,” Reiner tweeted Friday. “Joe Biden has a record of accomplishments in the first two years of his Presidency that has gone unmatched for almost 60 years.”

Here’s what Reiner’s tweeted:

Here are some responses from folks online:

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, Breitbart News

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