She Saw A Veteran Sitting In A Booth, And Then Someone Called The Manager Over…

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Every veteran in our country deserves the respect that they have earned for serving the motherland with honor and bravery. This is why it is always nice to see others taking care of the nation’s veterans.

A customer identified only as C. Sparks from Georgia took his mom out to dinner at a local Texas Roadhouse. What he witnessed was initially discouraging but then turned out to be uplifting.

A Texas Roadhouse restaurant (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Sparks knew the man was a veteran because of the patches on his jacket. The man with the long scruffy beard was exceptionally friendly, taking time to connect with everyone who walked by his table.

The veteran would reach out to the strangers, asking them how they were doing or wishing them a good night.

“Hi, how are you all tonight?” he would tell those entering, and not a customer left without hearing, “Bye, I hope you have a good night,” as the veteran treated everyone as his friend. Sadly, he didn’t always seem to get the same kind of attention in return.

Sparks said that he was originally disheartened because most of the patrons of the restaurant were ignoring the man. Sparks and his mother were placed at a table directly across from the veteran.

“Most people reacted to him, others completely ignored him,” Sparks recalled. “That didn’t stop him from greeting every person who walked by.”

This vantage point made it possible to see a heartwarming interaction between the veteran and his waiter.

The kind waiter took the time to really listen to the veteran, leaning on his table and becoming a companion for the man as he enjoyed his meal. It was beyond what was expected of him as a waiter, but it was clear that he had a deep respect and general compassion for this man.

C Sparks
The waiter at the veteran’s table (Photo Credit: C Sparks/Facebook)

From Taphaps:

After being moved by the incredible customer service and wanting to pay it forward, Sparks and her mother called the manager over and asked if they could cover the veteran’s tab. With a smile, the manager was proud to tell her, “Ma’am, someone else already has.” Evidently, everyone seated in the veteran’s section at Texas Roadhouse felt the same way as Sparks, and everyone wanted to pay for this man’s dinner.

“Everyone in the section grinned when the waiter told him that his meal was covered,” C Sparks recalled. “The man then left, telling everyone on the way out that he hoped they had a good night.”

It’s moving to see that regardless of how many people ignored this man, there were more amazing Americans who recognize him for the hero that he is. We need to watch out for our veterans and be kind to them. Many are shouldering a lot of pain from war and what they have seen and experienced, all to defend our freedom and pay that tab for us.

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