If Someone Flashes Their High Beams At You, You Need To Get Out Of There Quick…

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There are so many different scams and schemes out there that put us in danger. The best way we can protect ourselves and the ones we love is to stay informed about these schemes and know what to do if we are ever targeted by criminals.

Now, Police are warning about a possible pattern in attacks by thieves using car high beams to blind their victims while trying to steal their valuables…The headlight scam.

It all started in a viral Facebook post where one woman claims she was in the parking lot of the Walmart in Newport, South Carolina when another car blinded her with her high beams while criminals tried to pry her doors open to get inside. Unlike a lot of viral posts on the internet, the police are taking this one very seriously.

The Rock Hill South Carolina Police Department even put a post on Facebook about it asking for more information. In, the post, police admitted that this type of activity has been reported in other locations online and that they are trying to find out if there is a larger pattern of these types of attacks.

Everyone should try to stay safe and parking lots or garages can be one of your most vulnerable places. When you’re in your car you leave yourself with a lot of blind spots. Criminals have and always will try to take advantage of you when you are vulnerable.

Now, people have to look out for this latest tactic which South Carolina police are looking into. The latest tact not only does its best to take advantage of you in a vulnerable location but also use high-beam headlights to blind you. While blinded the criminals are allegedly going on to attempt to open the victim’s doors or get them out of their vehicle.

Over the weekend, I was talking to my wife about seat belts. Sometimes people don’t like to wear them when they’re sitting in the back seat. But I prefer when people do. My reason? While I may be a decent driver, I cannot protect the passengers in my car from other people on the road who might be texting while driving or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Here’s the full warning notice to the public from Rock Hill South Carolina Police Department about this latest headlight scam:

NBC Charlotte spoke to a friend of the victim about the horrific attack:

“Someone turned on their high beams and she looked up and she can’t really see anything,” the victim’s friend told NBC Charlotte. She asked her identity to remain protected for her safety.

“And then of a sudden, she heard two men on both sides of her car, the passenger and the driver side,” she said. “As she was pulling away they were still trying to get in her car they were wearing hoodies and they had the hoodie part down past their eyes. Thankfully she locked her doors. It was just too close to home and I wanted people to be aware.”

The scared woman decided not to call the police, but the Rock Hill South Carolina Police Department ended up hearing about the viral post and began an investigation.

Rock Hill Police Officer Mark Bollinger said that it’s likely these men were trying to get the woman out of her car. Bollinger also advised the public to be cautious and avoid sitting in their cars too long, especially if they are on their phone or distracted.

Bollinger also said the public should call the police right away if they feel threatened. “If you ever feel like you’re in an unsafe situation, don’t think you’re bothering us. That’s what we’re here for, we’re here to help,” Bollinger said. “Stay in your car and call us or leave that spot. If the car starts to follow you, go to the nearest police agency.” 

Watch the video report here: WCNC/Youtube

Sources: AWM, NBC Charlotte

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