BREAKING NEWS! U.S. Navy Presents Latest Evidence Supporting The Existence Of UFOs

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The year 2021 has been a banner year for UFO enthusiasts, and we’re not yet through the half of it.

In the midst of last year, while we were all battling a pandemic and murder hornets and whatever else the world wanted to throw at us, the US Navy was busy telling the nation something extraordinary: They were seeing UFO’s on the regular, and the phenomenon may be a national security threat.

Then came a late addition to the most recent COVID-19 relief bill that demanded the Pentagon compile as thorough a report as possible on the subject, unclassified, so the public may someday get their hands on it.

Now, just ahead of the anticipated date of that report, the Navy is dropping another bombshell.

The US Navy has picked up sonar data showing mysterious fast-moving objects underwater that cannot be explained by experts or current technology. Washington Examiner Tom Rogan said that US Navy “has the data” to prove the bizarre encounters. Some of these encounters could be included in the US Government taskforce which is preparing to brief Congress on its UFO findings next month.

This comes amid a flurry of footage showing bizarre encounters between US pilots and navy officers and unexplainable objects.

Last week, a newly-emerged video showed a dark spherical object move across the sky near a US Navy stealth ship, before suddenly veering into the water and disappearing.

Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell shared the footage of the mysterious flying object on Instagram.

The Pentagon later confirmed that the video, believed to be from 2019, was taken by US Navy personnel.

The sudden emergence of military credibility in the UFO field has some fringe researchers wondering if their long-suspected “disclosure” event was just over the horizon…or maybe just under it.

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