She Dreamed Of Working At Hooters, Then She Uploaded The Photos Of Her In Uniform…

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A 322-pound influencer has been slammed by vicious trolls who called her dreams “unrealistic” after she put on a Hooters uniform in an attempt to convince the popular restaurant chain to hire plus-size women.

Former beauty consultant, Olivia Messina, 27, from Toronto, Canada, loves showing off her size 22 body in skimpy clothes and promoting body positivity.

But while the plus size advocate receives plenty of praise, she is criticized in equal measure by bullies who say she’s risking early death and promoting obesity.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Olivia revealed she ‘always wanted to be a waitress at Hooters,’ trying on the well-known orange and white ensemble that employees at the eatery always wear too.

In the clip, which was originally posted in June 2022 but is still making waves on the app, Olivia flaunted her figure in the tiny shorts and crop top – as she danced to the song Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard.

She pretended to take orders from customers and jotted down notes on the imaginative writing pad, saying: “Do you want fries with that?”

While the wings restaurant is famous for the sexy, buxom servers, Olivia wanted to call for more plus-size women dressing up in Hooters uniforms.

Olivia had a slew of supporters.

“Yes gorgeous! Your vibe is immaculate!” one said and a second commented: “I would definitely go to Hooters everyday if you work there.”

“I will give you mad tips if you were a Hooters waitress and serving me,” a third also shared.

“You would get all the attention,” said someone else.

Another added, “I think I would be a regular customer.”

But some trolls made fun of her and said she would not be able to work at Hooters because of her size.

A TikToker penned: “I always wanted to be an astronaut and go to the moon. Looks like we both have unrealistic goals.

One man wrote: “I ain’t hungry no more.”

“I would be worried that my food might be eaten before getting to the table,” another man teased.

“Nah, don’t normalize bad health,” said someone else.

“I’d tip you just to put clothes on,” one troll quipped.

Olivia recently hit back at haters who questioned of her lifestyle and asked her to “go to the gym”.

She fired back in a video where she dressed up in sportswear and got up on a steps machine.

“Just because we are fat, does not mean we don’t exercise,” she said. “I know many people aren’t able to comprehend this but fat people can still be people who exercise regularly.”

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