She Delivered Her Thirteen Pound Daughter AT HOME, And She Said She Absolutely…

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A remarkable story of love, strength, and the miracle of life unfolded when a mom gave birth to one of the UK’s biggest babies says it was a very relaxing experience, despite the newborn weighing a whopping 12lbs 9oz.

The story of an unusual home birth took place in the little Scottish village of Dundonald. Mother of three Ruth Harvey, age 39, will never forget that day. She was finally prepared to welcome her newest addition to the family after nine grueling and laborious months. She had no idea, though, that this delivery would be different from any others she had had.

Ruth’s labor began at her home, and despite her previous experiences, she realized she wasn’t as prepared as she had initially thought. With the birth of her precious 13-pound daughter fast approaching, Ruth knew that there was no time to make it to the hospital. So, she braced herself and embraced the challenge, giving birth right there in her home. It was a moment that she would later describe as “enjoyable.”

This wasn’t the first time Ruth had given birth, but it was certainly the most extraordinary. Her daughter, tipping the scales at twelve pounds and nine ounces, was a hefty newborn, already wearing clothes meant for babies between three to six months old. Ruth’s older children, nine-year-old Brody and six-year-old Ted, had both been born in the more traditional setting of a hospital. But this time, Ruth was determined to do things differently.

Preparing for her daughter’s arrival, Ruth had a birth pool installed in her living room, hoping for a more intimate and comfortable experience. As the days went by, she grew increasingly eager to meet her little one. Her due date came and went, but the baby seemed quite content staying put in her mother’s womb, finally making her grand entrance more than two and a half weeks late.

Ruth recalled, I think I make big babies anyway. My other two were 9lbs, 9oz, and 10lbs 1oz. We know the team of midwives hasn’t had a baby this big during a home birth. She’s a really big baby. A lot of people have commented, but so far, nobody has said their baby was bigger.”

Thankfully, Ruth had the unwavering support of her 44-year-old partner, Eddie Gillan. With love and care, Eddie transformed their home into a soothing birthing oasis, complete with fairy lights and a rented birthing pool. Tarpaulin and towels covered the floors, while aromatherapy oils filled the air. It was a serene, spa-like atmosphere, perfect for the momentous occasion.

The labor began overnight, and by the following morning, Ruth and Eddie’s family had arrived. The grandparents whisked away Ruth’s children, along with Eddie’s kids from a previous relationship, 13-year-old Oliver and 11-year-old Eva. They went out for breakfast, and by the time they returned, little Tabitha had made her grand entrance into the world.

Ruth gushed about the experience, “All the midwives were giving her kisses and cuddles. I gave birth in the hospital before, and we didn’t see the same person twice, but we had a dedicated team of midwives and dealt with the same people the whole time.”

This remarkable tale of Ruth Harvey’s home birth will be cherished and passed down through generations, a testament to the strength of a mother’s love and the power of family.

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