Selfish Governor Doesn’t Follow His Own Rules

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The number of new coronavirus cases might be growing in some states and the media is trying to use this to scare people but the truth is that the overall death rate is continuing to decline.

But you won’t hear the media talk about those facts because it’s not part of their liberal agenda.

The only reason it appears that the total number of deaths is going up is that there is more availability for testing, naturally, you’re going to have more positive cases.

Despite this evidence, some states are closing back up. California is a prime example of this with Governor Gavin Newsome ordering bars, restaurants, wineries, theaters, and game rooms closed again.

Newsome said, “I cannot say it enough; I said it last week, I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again. We’ve got Forth of July weekend coming up. One of the areas of biggest concern relates to the spread of COVID-19 in this state remains family gatherings. Not just bars. Not just being out in the streets where people are protesting and the like. It’s specifically family gatherings. Where family members or rather households — immediate and extended family members — begin to mix and take down their guard. They may walk into that barbecue with masks on; then they put the cooler down and the mask comes off, they have a glass of water, and all of a sudden nieces and nephews start congregating.”

However, the Governor believes these rules don’t apply to him because he is keeping his personal winery, Plump Jack Wines, open.

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