Russian Media Is Ripping Biden To SHREDS For Choosing To Make The Griner Deal!

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This definitely hits hard!

Shortly after news emerged that Biden and his cabinet of dunces had agreed to what might possibly be the most lopsided deal in history — Putin gets his notorious arms dealer, we get the America-hating, felonious druggie – leaving behind the REAL HERO decorated marine.

Now, America was again put in a shameful situation around the world, all thanks to Biden’s lack of patriotism.

In fact, Margarita Simonyan of the Russian state-controlled media mocked the trade and eviscerated America for what it has become.

Simonyan laughs, as she details the U.S. government’s backward priorities, which see our top officials actually make prisoner-exchange deals that don’t include a “decorated Marine covered in medals.”

She ends her monologue by declaring that America is a “nation that spits on its heroes” — but she’s only half right. Rather, a more accurate claim would be something along the lines of America being a nation that is at war with a crony and crooked political class, which does in fact spit on our heroes.

You can watch the video below:

WayneDupree commented further:

One worry is the deal itself. In exchange for Griner, the US agreed to pardon Viktor Bout, a convicted arms dealer serving a 25-year sentence in Illinois. Bout was responsible for supplying weapons to rogues and terrorists around the world — many committed to killing Americans — from the Taliban to Colombia’s leftist FARC rebels to former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. (His exploits earned him the nickname “Merchant of Death.”) He’s believed to have links to the Russian intelligence apparatus and to members of President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. A Kremlin spokesperson called Bout’s release from US custody “ a true Christmas present.”

But the real kicker is that Biden was reportedly given a choice to take either Griner or US Marine Paul Whelan, and he chose Griner. Whelan has been in prison since 2018 on a trumped-up “spy” charge that everyone knows is fake.

And now, as the entire world looks on in disbelief at what Biden did, the Russians are mocking him for leaving behind a “hero” and bringing home a “black lesbian drug addict.”

The Marine who fought for our country, who’s wrongly imprisoned for years is forgotten, while the woman who admitted to breaking the law and only spent 10 months in jail is back home.

This is Biden’s America, where being a “woke symbol” is way more important than being a patriot.

Sources: WayneDupree, MSN

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