Reporter Asks Biden If He Still Thinks Saudi Arabia is a Pariah, Saudi Crown Prince Giggles In His Face [VIDEO CLIP]

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On Friday, President Joe Biden mosted likely to Saudi Arabia to plead for oil throughout a Center eastern trip that included him conference with Israeli leaders as well as Palestinians that dislike them, only to be humiliated by the Royal Kingdom that Biden has actually dishonored given that the beginning of his presidency.

Throughout the procedure of asking the Saudis to boost their oil production, the Saudi Crown Royal prince Mohammed container Salman Al Saud (MBS) giggled in Biden’s face.

“Head of state Biden, is Saudi Arabia still a pariah?” a reporter screamed as well as the Crown Royal prince fell short to quit a grin from appearing on his face.


The press reporter was accompanied from of the room. I would hazard a guess that the reporter was a plant because no adoring left-wing American press reporter would certainly ever risk ask Precious Leader Joe such a concern before the Crown Royal prince. Both Biden and also the Crown Prince disregarded the reporter’s inquiry, save the snicker on MBS’s face.

Biden really first greeted the Saudi Crown Royal prince with a fist bump. This is a man who has been brushed his whole life to imitate aristocracy. He runs the Saudi Kingdom, as well as Biden hand bumps him. Bear In Mind when Barack Obama embarrassed himself by bowing?

The head of state also disregarded inquiries concerning the possibility of another murder like Jamal Khashoggi’s. That are these reporters? Can they benefit the American media?

“What a ridiculous question,” Biden replied to reporters. A foolish question for a ridiculous guy.

“How could I possibly ensure any one of that?” Biden replied.

“I simply made it clear if anything occurs like that again there, obtain that response and much more,” he included.

Joe Biden has American protesters sitting in the DC Gitmo for over a year without a hearing over misdemeanor costs, living in filth, and not permitted to consult with their legal representatives, so he has no area to discuss human rights.

BIDEN 2020: I’m gon na make Saudi Arabia”the pariah that they are.”BIDEN TODAY:– RNC Study(

@RNCResearch )July 15, 2022 Washington Message

Author Fred Ryan wrote about Biden ‘s clenched fist bump with MBS

.”The clenched fist bump in between President Biden and Mohammed container Salman was even worse than a handshake. It

was scandalous. It predicted a level of intimacy as well as convenience that delivers to MBS the unwarranted redemption he has actually been frantically seeking.”So the WaPo agrees to trash … Resource

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