Enjoy: Stiff-Looking Biden Claims ‘What am I Doing Now?’ 2 People Have to Show Him Where to Stand

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Let’s just claim, he doesn’t resemble the leader of the complimentary world.

President Joe Biden started his high-stakes journey to the Center East on Wednesday– including drop in Israel and Saudi Arabia– with a look at Israel’s Ben Gurion Flight terminal outside Tel Aviv.

He got a red rug welcome, naturally. The big issue was that he resembled he didn’t even know where to put his next step.


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“What am I doing now?” a seemingly befuddled Biden asked the Israeli entourage, which favorably pointed him toward the middle of the carpet while Biden adhered to with faltering actions.

It didn’t influence confidence.

It may not have actually been as awkward as Biden’s infamous amble past Trick Solution agents at the White Home in August of 2021 when it resembled he might be the topic of a Silver Alert.

However it had not been precisely the sort of portrayal of American leadership Biden’s nation, et cetera of the world, have actually relied upon in the seven-plus years given that the end of The second world war.

As well as Biden’s residents back home– the ones who care about the nation, anyhow– were cringing:


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However this summed it up perfectly:

“Our adversaries are chuckling as well as our allies are horrified,” the customer created, capturing in nine words what 17 months of the Biden presidency have actually indicated for the globe.

The male that began his presidency by both stating war on his own nation’s power market while at the exact same time inviting an invasion of prohibited immigration throughout its …


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