Proof That Facebook Altered Their Algorithm To Censor Conservative Media

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Facebook’s level of censorship knows no bounds and it has just reached a new level with silencing conservatives. It has been a part of their master plan all along to purposely censor content and proof has finally been uncovered.

The social media giant has made an “emergency change” to their algorithm which resulted in a systematic suppression of conservative media by placing them in lower ranks than the liberal media outlets.

According to The Daily Wire,

In the aftermath of the election, the social media giant initiated some of its “break glass” plans to curb what it deemed as misinformation circulating on its platform, according to The New York Times. The plans reportedly involved changing how the platform allows articles from certain outlets and posts from certain pages to spread.

Facebook employees found that after the election, news stories from right-leaning outlets and pages on instances of voter fraud, miscounted ballots, and other election irregularities, mistakes, and misconduct were some of the most popular articles on the platform. As the Times frames it, “President Trump was already casting the election as rigged, and stories from right-wing media outlets with false and misleading claims about discarded ballots, miscounted votes and skewed tallies were among the most popular news stories on the platform.”

To combat the spread of such stories, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg agreed to change how his social media site promotes and suppresses certain news articles and posts in users’ news feeds.

One Facebook spokesman said, “There are tensions in virtually every product decision we make and we’ve developed a companywide framework called ‘Better Decisions’ to ensure we make our decisions accurately, and that our goals are directly connected to delivering the best possible experiences for people.”

If you are censoring media with conservative content, you’re not allowing for the best experiences, you’re simply creating a propaganda matching very similar to what you would find in communist countries.

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