President Trump Shows Respect To Our Military

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This is funny… but in a respectful sort of way. It’s amazing what the President has done to show his respect to our armed forces. And whether you believe he does it because of who he is or he’s doing it for show the fact is that he is doing it. Actions speak louder than words right?

While boarding Marine One this weekend, President Donald Trump stopped twice to pick up a Marine’s dress hat that kept getting blown away by the wind. It caught his attention as he approached the helicopter.

The POTUS picked up the hat for the Marine and it placed it back on his head while giving him some pats to the arm, showing further appreciation. Then, it happened a second time and Trump went off his course to pick it up and this time handed it back to…

The Marine skillfully remained at attention during the entire exchange but you know he was freaking out on the inside! LOL

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