Farage: Not Worth Getting Angry About ‘Sad and Pathetic’ Hillary

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Former United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage appeared on Fox & Friends and stated that it was time to ignore 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton remarks at a California criticizing voters.

Farage called Clinton a “sad and pathetic” and a “bad loser” now worthy of being ignored.

“I mean, Hillary said the same things about me when I came across and supported Donald Trump in his campaign,” he said. “I don’t think it’s worth getting angry about Hillary. I just think she looks sad and pathetic.”

“There is nothing worse in life than a bad loser, nothing worse than somebody who blames absolutely everybody else for their own failings. And let’s face it, you know, she represented an out-of-touch, out-of-date establishment. She almost appeared as if it was her right to become the president and I’m very pleased she didn’t. I’ll tell you what — let’s just from now ignore her.”


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