I Can’t Even Wrap My Mind Around This Zakaria Statement

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What the what?! CNN’s Fareed Zakaria stated that President Trump’s “view of Western civilization” were racial and tribal… I just.. I can’t even wrap my head around that. It’s stupid.

“It did sound like, for [Donald Trump], and I think Steve Bannon might’ve written this speech, this was the West as religion, race, tribe, culture; not the West as democracy, liberty, the rule of law.”

As written for The Daily Wire by Robert Kraychik

Zakaria did not provide any evidence of Trump framing Western civilization in racial or tribal terms.

Trump’s remarks in the Polish capital included 15 references to “freedom,” one reference to the “rule of law,” and an indirect reference to democracy (“democratic Europe”); contrary to Zakaria’s false assertion.

“Culture,” according Zakaria, is somehow akin to “religion, race, and tribe.” He also drew a false delineation between aggregate culture and specific cultural values such as democracy, liberty, and the rule of law.

None of the segment’s panelists corrected Zakaria’s false statements.

Zakaria: Trump’s View Of Western Civilization Is Racist/Tribal


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