Osama bin Laden’s Son Is On The Rise

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Osama bin Laden, the Al-Qaeda terrorist responsible for the 9/11 attacks, has a soon that is now leading a loosely-affiliate terror group.

Hamza bin Laden released an audio message Sunday inciting attacks against the west, showing his ever-growing prominence. Officials are offcially (lol) labeling Hamza a global terrorist. The designation declared that “Hamza bin Laden is actively engaged in terrorism,” noting his official inclusion into the group in August 2015.

“If you are unable to go for American Crusaders, target the interests of the Crusader member states of NATO,” bin Laden recently declared according to experts at the Long War Journal. He continued, “Accomplish your goals with secrecy. Attain the highest level of perfection in your actions, exercise utmost care and caution, and prepare diligently to inflict crippling losses on those who have disbelieved.”

“We shall continue to target you until you withdraw your forces from the Arabian Peninsula and from every single land of Islam,” he continued in a message to the American people. The older bin Laden was particularly concerned about his son’s safety, warning him to stay away from the Afghanistan-Pakistan region for fear he would be struck by a U.S. drone.


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