Oreo Cookies Pushing Transgender Propaganda, About To Bud Light Themselves..

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It only seems that in the past couple of decades liberals have made it so every single thing that walks, rolls, or can be sold in a store has to have a political connection.

I like to talk about politics, and I have a lot of opinions on this great nation of ours, but even I realize that not every single thing has to have a political bent to it.

For example, I have a friend that I have known for close to thirty years, long before thinking about politics came into our minds. He’s a Democrat, but he’s my friend. To maintain that friendship, we have a rule that we never talk about politics with each other. Ever.

So far it seems to be working, but I think one day he’s going to slip up and say something about Biden and I will be compelled to tell him what I think.

My point in telling you that is that not everything has to be politics. But liberals have this need to make everything about politics.

I mean hell, look at the Bud Light debacle with Dylan Mulvaney last summer. It was one of those things where Bud created a problem that would have never existed had they not decided to make a political statement where one didn’t need to be made.

And what happened as a result because they decided they had to make some political statement? They lost a good deal of market share and managed to make a lot of customers angry. I mean, you gotta do something really stupid to get people to swear off their favorite things.

Another company seems set to make this same exact mistake, with the parent company behind Oreo Cookies getting caught in the transgender crossfire.

Mondelez International has been exposed as a co-sponsor of several LGBTQXYSDSA causes over the years and most specifically the activist group PFLAG (great, more word jumbles) which among other things is trying to push transgender propaganda and coercing children into getting so-called “gender-affirming care” when they are too young to be trusted with a driver’s license.

That’s a REALLY BIG PROBLEM for a lot of folks, myself included. It’s one thing if you turn eighteen and want to start chopping things off or gluing things on, or turning things inside out.

The second that you begin pushing this kind of crap on children, that’s when I begin to have an issue. The fact that they are using something like Oreo Cookies and putting their propaganda on the packaging of Oreos is absolutely vomit-inducing.

How many times as kids did we want something simply because the commercial said to want it, or the packaging said we should want it?

The company behind Oreos is going to be the next Bud Light. There are more than one brand of cookies, and Oreos isn’t the only game in town.

There are going to be boycotts on this one people. Any time you start trying to subliminally tell children it’s ok to get a chopendicktomy before they are trusted to have a library card; that’s when people are going to get mad.

Oreos needs to reverse course on this or they are going to get tossed in the trash en masse.

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