Country Star Jelly Roll Reveals Absolutely Insane Purchase…


I personally don’t listen to all that much music that has come out in the past decade. It might be one of those things where my pop culture cutoff line was met somewhere around the time we were all getting our first smartphone.

That being said, whenever there is a family gathering where some of the young folks are present, I do get to get a little refresher on what’s happening in music these days.

One of the newer acts I’ve gotten into is the country singer Jelly Roll. Funny name aside, he’s actually pretty darned good.

When I hear him speak in interviews he sort of reminds me of friends I had growing up, and even a couple of cousins that I had in North Carolina. Just seems like a good person all around.

He’s also a guy that had pretty humble beginnings. He didn’t grow up in the best of conditions and wasn’t a kissed backside like Taylor Swift has been her whole life.

He came up the hard way, and I think that makes folks appreciate success more when they get to it. It’s the truth, because I have seen it in my own life. I would consider myself a success, and I have also worked at jobs that most folks would run screaming from.

That kind of mentality tends to make you look at what is considered a luxury a little bit different.

Where some folks might think that a luxury for some people who have gained financial independence the way Jelly Roll has might be having three dozen cars and fourteen houses; his idea of luxury is a little bit different.

In a recent interview, Jelly admitted that he only wears socks one time. Just wears them once, and when he’s done with them for the day he never wears them again.

Now, some of you might think that is a little bit wasteful but think about it for a second. Socks aren’t all that expensive in the grand scheme of things. Jelly also said that he buys them in bulk so I would imagine that cuts down on the cost just a little bit.

He also said that because he’s a larger gentleman, he tries to keep better tabs on his personal hygiene so always making sure his socks are fresh definitely helps with that.

Anyone that doesn’t believe me, think about how many times you have put an extra pair of socks in your carry on luggage when traveling.

What he’s doing with his money in this regard isn’t exactly my idea of luxury (that would be buying a McDonald’s ice cream machine) but I can definitely dig the spirit of what he is doing.

At least he isn’t like so many other entertainers that spend their money on drugs and women.

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