New WH Press Sec. Sends Press Off With A Kiss

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Anthony Scaramucci introduced himself today during a press conference and while going over several details of the President and his relationship, among other things, decided to say goodbye to the press by blowing them a kiss.. and Huckabee’s face at the end, hahahaha.

As reported by USAToday:

Scaramucci talked about how he planned to improve relations between the White House and the press, so maybe that was his way of getting started.

The press conference marked a stark contrast between Scaramucci’s first days in the White House and Sean Spicer’s, who held a combative first press conference centering on the size of Trump’s inauguration crowds.

Scaramucci also claimed that the president has a good relationship with journalists.

“Listen, the president is phenomenal with the press,” Scaramucci said.

Though Twitter users were dismayed Friday about losing Spicer — who was the subject of many memes and popular SNL skits — they had mixed reactions to Scaramucci.

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